Protect Your Family

Sunoco/Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) has the industry’s worst safety record, averaging over 2 leaks per month, for the past ten years.

  • Sunoco/ETP had a major leak in PA last year, releasing 55,000 gallons of gasoline into the Susquehanna River.
  • Sunoco/ETP had several leaks in Edgemont Township that contaminated well water.
  • Mariner East 1 has leaked THREE TIMES in the last year!

Know the signs

  • Dead or dying vegetation near the pipeline.
  • Pools of liquid or fire on the ground near the pipeline.
  • Dirt or debris blowing into the air.
  • A dense white cloud or fog near the pipeline.
  • Hissing, gurgling or roaring sounds.

Know what to do in the event of a leak – self-evacuate on foot, up wind, to a distance of no less than ½ a mile, avoiding use of vehicles, cell phones, or other potential ignition sources. Call 911 from a safe distance.