Pennsylvania’s Fracking Problem and Mariner East

Members of Uwchlan Safety Coalition spend a lot of time thinking about our pipeline problem.  First, and foremost, it is a safety hazard to the people of Chester County. Our Emergency Services Department has confirmed there are more then 30,000 people living in the probable impact radius according to 2010 Census Data here.  So why would Governor Tom Wolf continue to ignore our requests for an independent risk assessment? Why would our local state elected officials work so hard at navigating the ever growing demand from residents for safety without actually calling for a halt to this dangerous pipeline?   Three words, the Marcellus Shale Coalition.

For all intents and purposes, the Marcellus Shale Coalition is the primary public face of the natural gas drilling industry in Pennsylvania. Consider them a powerful lobby whose head office is conveniently located in our state capitol. Its staffers work to influence drilling-related legislation. Sunoco/Energy Transfer Partners and Range Resources are among the 40 energy companies that are considered full members.  The companies that perform their geophysical testing and legal defenses are among the 100 companies with ancillary ties to the gas drilling industry that are associate members.  Having this information changes everything. Suddenly, it becomes hard to ignore Sunoco’s business partners.  More specifically, today lets’ talk about Range Resources.  We here in Chester County have known for some time our pipeline is filled with fracked materials.  We understand that, frack to plastic to waste, our pipeline isn’t just bad for the local vitality of our region, but it has state and global impacts to the natural environment. But what exactly is happening in those communities where the butane, propane and ethane is being extracted from the ground?

We know that some of our fellow Pennsylvanians are suffering from FRACKING! We are planning a trip to find out more about the practice of unconventional well drilling and the impacts to our neighbors throughout the state whose health, welfare and safety has been impacted by the process.  Please follow along with us on Sunday, June 3rd while we travel to areas that have been severely and negatively impacted by fracking. We plan to live feed back to the Uwchlan Safety Coalition page and hope you will tune in and take the journey with us.


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