May 2018 Primaries – Mariner East


The Pennsylvania Primary is upon us! 

Whether you live here in Uwchlan, or elsewhere in the state, please take a quick read as we lay out the choices for state wide elections and also our local representatives!

First and foremost, make a plan and GET OUT AND VOTE this Tuesday, May 15th.  We have important elections coming upon us this fall!  Our Governor and our Lt. Governor seats are up for grabs!  Plus all 203 seats are up for reelection in the house and 25 seats in the Senate, that is half of the Chamber’s 50 seats!  

We all know Democracy is NOT a spectator sport!  It is the duty of each and every eligible voter to not just vote, but to cast an informed and educated ballot that represents their best interests.  

Here is the Uwchlan Safety Call to Action!  Go out and seek the information on who the candidates are.  Research who best serves your interest and cast a ballot that counts.  

Below you will find a voting guide based solely on pipeline issues.  We realize there are countless reasons our members vote so please make decisions based on what is best for you and your family.

You will find the candidates for state office, then the local races in Uwchlan and its surrounding areas for House and Senate.  These races are further broken down by party.  As a final caveat, while the Republican Governor’s and Lt Governors list seems different then the Democrat candidates. Please know this is because many Republican Governor candidates already chose a Lt Governor running mate.  Special thanks to Bibianna Dussling from the, Middletown Coalition for Community Safety, who lent us her expertise as a registered Republican in compiling the data on the Republican Governor and Lt Governor Races.

State Wide Seats

Republican Governor Candidates

Laura Ellsworth – Had laid out a “Map for Pennsylvania” as a vision of Pennsylvania in 10 years which includes: Pennsylvania is the energy capital of the United States, with a thriving and diverse energy sector that utilizes our extensive energy assets, including natural gas, and coal, and solar, and wind, and nuclear to deliver low-cost energy to families and manufacturing alike, throughout the nation. She mentions benefitting from our “unparalleled natural gas resources” but also includes the following in her “Map for Pennsylvania”:

A high quality of life, including clean environment and abundant green recreational and outdoor spaces, that will attract both tourism and workforce.

There is no information on how to reconcile the two goals of transforming into an energy capital and a clean environment.

(She has no selected running mate – Explains has chosen not to select a running mate before the primaries as candidates are not a package deal. A voter can select any candidate for Governor from their registered party and any candidate for Lieutenant Governor from their registered party. Refers to selecting running mate prior to primaries as “political fiction”.)

Paul Mango – On his website Paul Mango summarizes his stance on Energy & Technology as it relates to the oil and gas industry with these statements:

Pennsylvania has been dealt an unusually gifted hand, and now we just need the leadership to transform it into prosperity for every Pennsylvanian. We have some of the largest, cheapest deposits of natural gas and coal in the world. Access and proximity to markets: we are the ONLY state in the nation with direct access to the Atlantic Ocean, the Great Lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico.  We can become the Saudi Arabia of energy exports.

There is no position on the Environment on his website, but a “Sportman’s Agenda” which states: “We must continue to preserve our game lands, promote conservation, and protect our outdoor heritage. These activities differentiate Pennsylvania from other states, andremind us of the importance of protecting Penn’s Woods as a sportsman’s paradise.”   He provides two key objectives to accomplish this: Ensure the independence of Harrisburg agencies managing fish and game in the Commonwealth / Promote sustainable recreation and conservation throughout the Commonwealth  He also states he is against selling existing game lands.  He does not mention impacts of industry or pollution in his Sportman’s Agenda.

(running mate) Diana Irey Vaughan – Washington County Commissioner since 1996.

Scott Wagner – Does not have a stated position on the oil and gas industry nor the environment on his website. During public appearances has stated that he believes there are too many redundant restrictions on the oil and gas industry that need to be studied and pared down, has called to get pipelines flowing and stated that he is in favor of drilling on state lands.

(running mate) Jeff Bartos – suburban Philadelphia real estate broker


Democratic Governor 

Tom Wolf–  Is our only Democratic Candidate on the ballot.  It is unfortunate that Governor Wolf seems to be protecting Sunoco even though their pipeline is not for domestic use and as an operator they have an egregious record both in the installation and operations of their pipes. To that end, IF you are a registered Democrat consider a symbolic gesture to write in another name on the ballot. While we recognize that the likelihood of a write in getting the D ticket is slim to none, what a way to get Tom Wolf to wake up and pay attention that the Mariner issue matters to Pennsylvanians. Consider a symbolic vote for David Anspach. A former Marine, this gentleman decided to take on Wolf and his administration at the DEP and the PUCThese agencies have been ignoring the people, like Mr. Anspach; whose homes, water and land have been negatively impacted.

Democratic Lt. Governor 

Food and Water Action asked All five Democratic candidates, including sitting Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack, “Do you support community calls on Governor Wolf to stop the Mariner East 2 pipeline?” all responded YES. Read more here.


Local State Representatives and Senate for Uwchlan and the Surrounding Region

PA State House 155th District

Becky Corbin (R) running unopposed

Ronald Graham (D)– Advertises that we must “resist the efforts of pipeline companies to transmit high pressure, low viscosity, explosive materials from Central Pennsylvania to the East Coast for shipment out of the country”. But also publicizes that “Pennsylvania needs to extract taxes from the fracking companies in proportion to the gas that they are extracting from Pennsylvania in order to fully fund education in our Commonwealth”.  More fracking means more pipeline infrastructure to take the fracked materials to port. This means more pipelines to pass right here through Chester County besides Mariner, like the already being planned Adelphia line.

Danielle Friel Otten (D) There is no secret here, as Otten is a former leader of Uwchlan Safety Coalition.  She was inspired by her advocacy work here and decided to take her leadership to the state.  Danielle has pledged to work to end fracking in PA.  No fracking, means no product to flow in Mariner.  It means no more new pipelines snaking past our homes, schools, and public spaces.  It also means other industries in Pennsylvania can begin growing as non-oil based plastics and clean energy solutions can begin to grow creating long term, good paying jobs,

PA Senate 44th District

John Rafferty (R) – running unopposed

Katie Muth (D) – running unopposed


Chester County residents, click here to see your ballot.

So do the research, help to determine what the right energy policies are to move Pennsylvania forward, and make a plan to VoteVote for people who want to protect the economic vitality of the region. Vote to protect the Pennsylvania Constitution Article 1 Section 27. The people have a right to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment. Pennsylvania’s public natural resources are the common property of all the people, including generations yet to come. Vote to protect the safety of our community.  Vote to #defendwhatyoulove and our way of life in Chester County!  

Rebecca Britton

Founder Uwchlan Safety Coalition

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